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Bon Appetit: Damn. That’s good.

Last weekend Greenville welcomed thousands of folks from around the country for the annual Euphoria festival. Alex Delany, web editor and writer at the influential food and culture magazine Bon Appetit, was in town for the four day event and stopped by the tasting room to sample the latest in Birds Fly South brews. His down-to-earth vibe and considerable craft beer knowledge made him the perfect match for an afternoon hang in the Birdhouse.

With names like ISM, Purple Cellphone, Wolves in the Piano, and Sometimes Buffaloes, Johnson brews ales that encourage second, third, and fourth sips before being able to say anything about them. And after the fourth? It’s probably just: Damn. That’s good.

We’re honored to be in such incredible company on this short-list of faves from his visit. Read about all five picks from Delany’s upstate weekend at Bon Appetit: 5 Great Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Breweries in Greenville, SC.