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In-House Releases: July 2019

We’ve always stood by our brewing philosophy:

“We don’t make beer, we wait for the beer to tell us what it wants to be”.

Sometimes what the beer needs to be is an annual event, bottled each year for a special release. And sometimes it’s a year-round favorite, canned and packaged to fly across our distribution footprint.

And then there are the one-off creations. The funky experiments. The wild and wonderful small-batch brews. These special beers tend to stay right here, inside the Birdhouse walls.

To help you plan your visit we’re publishing a monthly guide to some of our special tasting-room only pours.

We’ll see you this July for a pint of new releases like C.R.E.A.M. Honey Cream Ale, a Common Beer, Pineapples on My Lawn (DSSOLVR Friendship Brew), Flowerless on Funk (Resident Culture Friendship Brew), Tangled Up in Plaid (New Groove Friendship Brew) and Graffiti Heart.