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Black Sheep Party

November 21, 2018 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Baa baa black sheep have you any beer?

Start the long holiday weekend off with us at our first ever Black Sheep Party. Think of it as family therapy. You know, when you escape from home time with family and have a beer or three with friends as therapy.

In sticking with the Black Sheep vibe we’re releasing 10+ heavy hitting dark beers and offering special to-go package releases from our cellar too so you can share with the fam at the big meal.


The dark and dangerous lineup:

Wolves in the Piano – Imperial Stout with maple syrup, aged in bourbon barrels

  • Wolves in the Piano 2018  – Draft and in package (4 pack x 16oz cans, $24)
  • Wolves in the Piano 2017 – Package (bottles, $6)
  • Wolves in the Piano: Gin Barrel – Draft
  • Wolves in the Piano: Cask (Coffee Vanilla) – Draft

Empress Rising – Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels

  • Empress Rising – Draft
  • Empress Rising: Mole – Draft and in package (4 pack x 16oz cans, $24)
    → chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, chipotle, guajillo, and arbol peppers
  • Empress Rising: Red Wine – Draft
  • Empress Rising: Little Sister (German Chocolate) – Draft

False Face – Barrel-aged Sour Stout

  • False Face 2018 – Draft and in package (small format bottles, $10)
  • False Face 2017 – Package (small format bottles, $12)

Nights Like These – Irish Dry Stout

  • Nights Like These – Package (4 pack x 16oz cans, $10)
  • Nights Like These: Cask (S’mores) – Draft

Farmhouse Imperial Stout – Red-wine barrel aged

  • Farmhouse Imperial Stout – Draft
  • Farmhouse Imperial Stout: Little Sister (Raspberry) – Draft