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A Little Batty: Halloween at the Bird House

October 28, 2017 2:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Bats are very special animals. And you know what? So are you.  Let’s celebrate this beautiful connection on Oct. 28th at the Bird House. We’ll have trick-or-treating, a brewery bot-building station, and as is our habit, unique seasonal farmhouse ales.

Is a bat a bird? It’s beautiful. It’s weird. It has wings. Maybe?

Before you call or comment about “science” and “common sense”… we know that bats are not birds, but they do fly and are super bad ass so we’re gonna pretend for one day.

The current schedule:.

  • Costume Contests:
    • The Categories
      • Dogs: 2-4pm, winner announced at 4pm
        Best individual dog, Most creative dog, Most BFS spirited dog
      • Kids: 3-4pm, winner announced at 4pm
        Best individual costume, best family costume, most BFS spirited child
      • Adults: 3-4pm, winner announced at 8pm
        Best individual costume, best group costume, most BFS spirited group
  • Berliner Bar: 2-8pm
    We’re bringing back our fan fave German traditional Berliner Weisse bar with two handmade seasonal syrups
  • Movie Month Finale: 5:30pm
    Little Shop of Horrors – indoor showing in The Aviary, doors open at 5pm

Check back often as we’ll be adding details about the activities for this family friendly fall party. Shoot an email to [email protected] with questions or concerns.