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Our Approach | Funk First

We brew with a “beer first” mentality; meaning we want the base of our recipes to focus on the actual beer style and its nuance. From there we build a flavor profile that, although complex, any beer drinker can appreciate.

Classic and old-world style beers meet modern methods in our brewing and blending process.

When Birds started, we wanted to lead in with the opposite of what others were doing. We are all in on funky and wild ales. This means a couple different things; Making old school beers with new techniques and making new styles with old school techniques. That’s our game. That’s how we keep things flighty and funky. Using our house cultivated yeast and heavily involving Brettanomyces in our beer, we craft funky, well-balanced, subtle beer that is meant to be enjoyed and pondered.

Our Ornithology | Progressively Old School

We are makers. Makers who focus on creating ales with a beer first mentality. Beer first? That may seem like an obvious thought however it rings true for us and here’s what we mean...

Craft beer has evolved and expanded in incredible ways in recent years, as a result some breweries now focus more on “flavored beer”, beers with lots of adjuncts and extracts and even overpowering flavors. But for us at Birds we have always ascribed to focusing on “beer… with flavor”. That’s where we start; that philosophy is woven into every beer we make. Traditional and European in nature, our brewing process is also both very explorative and experiential. We are continually evolving our methods by taking traditional brewing processes and applying them to modern beer styles, and at the same time we like flipping things around and brewing more traditional style beers with more progressive techniques. Overlaid with our “beer first” philosophy the output is bringing you beer unlike anywhere else.

 Experiential Beers with Balance, Nuance, & Depth

Take a moment. Take an opportunity for new experiences. That’s our desire for folks tasting our beer for the first time, or the 101st time. To be able to appreciate the full sensory experience of tasting one of our beers by exploring the flavors and nuance in every achromatic and sip, cultivates conversation and deep thought. We believe that although our beer is unique, it’s approachable even for more traditional beer drinkers. Beer is meant to be shared and enjoyed with your community and we want to enrich and be part of that experience with you.

Beer Styles We Focus On | Funk First

Funk First. We will always be FUNK at our core, we thrive on creating hoppy styled saisons and beers with loads of brett (Brettanomyces). We have been fortunate to receive accreditation and notoriety for the way we use our brett, as well as our brett beer program. These methods and ingredients are the epicenter of Birds Fly South. Additionally, we use open fermentation tactics coupled with our Solera Program to bring forth wild beers that capture people’s attention.

We have continued to evolve to include more clean beer styles recently in our portfolio, like our pilsner and kolsch. This has sparked a renaissance of our wild beers by forcing us to be even more precise and even more accurate. We are constantly experimenting and bettering our passion and our craft in order to provide you with delicious thought-provoking beer.

Our Diverse Portfolio of Beers

Whether you are looking to satisfy a craving for that funky brett barrel aged sour, or a clean crisp lager, you can fly into Birds to enjoy a beer that’s worth our efforts.

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